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How can you upgrade your truck?

Truck tuning is incredibly popular and this is understandable. Regardless of whether it is external or internal, its main purpose is to attract the attention of others to aesthetic and internal upgrades. Installing the wings, special bumpers, spoilers, spark plugs, shocks and much more - in any case, this procedure will give an individual style and performance upgrade to the car.


But, if you wanna talk about upgrades seriously and you love to go off-road on your truck (Jeep, Chevy, Ford, GMC) you should think about chip tuning.


Deciding to use this procedure, when properly configured, receives certain advantages:

Increase engine power (due to changes in the settings of power and ignition systems);
Ability to customize a certain type of fuel;
Reduced fuel consumption;
Increased acceleration dynamics;
Full compatibility with various types of transmissions;
Ability to customize the individual driving style.


Although along with the positive moments there are some negative, in general, this kind of modernization will further reveal the potential of your vehicle. If wanna know all pros and cons of this kind of tuning just keep checking my blog!

About me


Hi! My name is Liam Brooks and i'm specialized mechanical engineer.  I'm from Dallas, Texas, been working at my garage for 9 years and God bring me here to spell some word on your problems with trucks and SUV's.  


I`m married with my classmate Joanna from 1995 and we have kids: Noah and Lindsey. Sometimes they are coming to my garage to see me working or even help me with something. I love them very much.


For those who love to work in garage there is a risk. The greatest risk is caused by industrial injuries: injuries due to a fall (or a fall of heavy objects), eye injuries, musculoskeletal injuries due to overstrain when lifting heavy objects, cuts, burns, electric shock when working with faulty equipment. Health hazards include exposure to excessive noise, chemical exposure (exhaust fumes, asbestos, lead, glue, solvents, etc.) and vibration from the instrument.


Anyway, it's my life!